Who am I?

Probably the most important thing you need to know is that

I love life!


I love being alive and I celebrate this at every given opportunity! I smile a lot, laugh a lot, and say cheers every time a drink is poured!

I’m not entirely satisfied with just celebrating the milestones in my own life, or that of my friends and family.


I love celebrating so much that I have decided to hijack other people’s celebrations and become a celebrant.

For me, being a celebrant is not a job. At the risk of sounding incredibly cheesy, it is a calling.


I was writing and performing wedding and vow renewal ceremonies, as a hobby, long before my connection with Humanists UK. 


Every couple I meet, and every single ceremony I write and conduct, confirms to me that I have found my calling. Seeing people, who love each other deeply, making commitments to each other for life, is such a rewarding, enjoyable and meaningful way to spend my life.


Life is short, and I am hell-bent on making the most of it. Sharing in other people's celebrations of love and life definitely seems like a damn good way to enjoy my time here on Earth!



I am continually overwhelmed by the impact two people can have on each other's lives.


The depth of love, compassion, respect and understanding two people can have for each other never ceases to amaze me.

It's a true privilege to meet couples and learn about their depths, as individuals, and about the profoundness of their relationship. So many couples tell me that being with their partner has brought out qualities in them they never thought imaginable.

Many couples (including Sarah pictured above!) say their partner helps them be the best version of themselves.

This is certainly how I feel about my husband.

I feel phenomenally lucky to have met Lee Daniel Jackson...

When we first met I had no idea that we would we want to be together forever and build the life for ourselves that we have now.

He constantly astounds me by his capacity for empathy, kindness, tolerance and hard graft.


Being with him makes me want to be the best possible person I can be and has given me the drive and the power to do things I never thought possible.


We learn from each other and seem to grow together and the same pace. I can tell him anything and it doesn't phase him.

He makes me feel safe in a way no one else can. He is my everything. The thought that one day we may not have each other is my biggest nightmare. I hope that we have many happy and healthy years together and, selfishly, I hope that I go first!

We've been together for nine years now and we still:


Dance in the kitchen

Surprise each other

Go on crazy adventures 

Cook together

Laugh at each other's farts

Party like we're 21 (then regret it...)

And I hope we always will.... 




My journey as a celebrant began properly about five years ago when my close friends, Rosy and Dave, asked me to write and perform their wedding ceremony. To say I loved doing it is an understatement!



It was a great honour and a genuine privilege to be part of their momentous celebration.


The experience was overwhelming. I was overtaken by an powerful desire to become a celebrant; it became one of my life's greatest ambitions which I am now so thrilled to have achieved. One of my other life goals is to direct music videos... so watch this space!

My career began as a theatre director and a performer, so I know a thing or two about engaging an audience and staging all sorts of live productions. 




I did enjoy making theatre, and still do sometimes, but a few years into setting up a successful alternative theatre company, ShellShock Theatre, I really began to question the worth of my work: what was the point of it and who was it really benefiting....? 

I wondered if I could use my skills to do something more valuable.

This is me in character back in 2016!

Being a celebrant means I can still indulge the writer and performer inside me while doing something very significant.


I love being able to use my passion for life and creativity to help people make a unique celebration; one which they will remember forever.

Other things worth knowing about me:

I am fascinated by the natural world and believe that we all have a responsibility to protect our planet and those we share it with.

I feel so lucky that I get to walk on this earth and experience its wonders.

I also love being under the sea!!

This is Suetkin, she's our baby. We sometimes call her the Dream Panther!

(If you like Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy you might get that reference...)

My sister, Bethan, is the greatest gift my parents could have ever given me!  

She's hilarious, perceptive, strong and intelligent. She is my left arm and my partner in crime.

We share a sixth sense, our own language and a silly sense of humour.


She has a wild streak. like me, and gets wiser with age. I always turn to her in times of darkness,  for advice and equally for fun and ridiculousness!


I am a raver.... and a wicked dancer!

I love getting lost....

You will often find me rescuing invertebrates from busy footpaths!

I'm 100% powered by plants!