Is a Humanist ceremony right for us? 

A Humanist ceremony is quite simply a meaningful non-religious celebration of love and life! If you are looking for a personal ceremony which you and your guests will remember forever then a Humanist ceremony is ideal. This option will allow you to explore fun, interesting and meaningful ways to express your love for each other; you can have your wedding, wherever, whenever and however you like! The content of the ceremony is solely driven by the conversations we will have together and I promise that your ceremony will be unique, engaging and unforgettable. 

Why choose me as your celebrant?

I must start by saying that I love my job! Getting to know couples and helping them create the perfect celebration of their relationship is such an honour and a genuine privilege. I am a big softy so listening to people explaining why they love each other and have chosen to spend the rest of their lives together melts my heart and makes me feel glad to be alive. Life is short and I can’t think of a better way to spend my life than helping people to celebrate their love and their lives. 

On a more practical note, I have been writing and performing wedding and vow renewal ceremonies over the last four years. My experience as an Artist Director of a successful theatre company certainly cemented my creative writing and performance skills and has equipped me to manage any audience. Your guests will be a pleasant bunch in comparison to the larey crowds I encountered doing one-woman stand-up shows in dingy clubs or to the hyperactive children I previously escorted around a chocolate factory! I have also received high quality training and an accreditation from Humanists UK. My work is monitored regularly so you can be assured it is of a high standard.

In addition to my work as a celebrant I enjoy a career in the voluntary sector. I spend a lot of time listening to  people and help empower them to make positive changes to their lives. This requires me to, be compassionate and patient, have impeccable listening skills and to use my creativity and resourcefulness to help translate people’s ideas into realities.


 I'm  lively and loving  with a lust for life and a genuine passion to help couples create the ultimate celebration of their love and their lives. I will make it my mission to ensure the process of devising your bespoke ceremony easy, fun and incredibly rewarding. 

Will we be legally married after our Humanist ceremony?

Unfortunately, at present, Humanist Celebrants in Wales and England do not have the power to perform the legal aspects of a wedding ceremony. Our colleagues in Scotland and Jersey do however and Humanists UK are campaigning relentlessly to give non-religious couples the right to legally binding Humanist wedding ceremonies. 

At the moment, if couples would like to be legally recognised by the state as married they are obliged to conduct the legal formalities at a registry office. This can be a very inexpensive affair if done on a weekday for example.Many couples chose to do ‘the legal bit’ in close proximity to their Humanist ceremony and treat their Humanist ceremony as the true celebration of their unity. Some couples don’t feel the need to formally register their marriage and only have a Humanist ceremony. They may decide to call each other husband and wife, wear wedding rings and adopt new family names and see this as the recognition of the commitments they have made to each other. If you opt only to have a Humanist ceremony it may be worth you seeking legal advice because ‘unmarried’ couples do not automatically have the same legal rights as married ones.

As I mentioned above, for many years Humanists UK have been working hard to give non-religious couples the right to legal, meaningful wedding ceremonies that reflects their views and values. Humanist celebrants in Scotland have been able to perform the legal formalities for 11 years and now more Humanist weddings happen in Scotland than any other type of wedding ceremony. Very recently a court in Northern Ireland that the state must recognise Humanist marriages as the current restrictions were found to be in breach of human rights laws. 

Humanists UK are hopeful that the governments of Wales and England will catch up with progressions happening in other parts of the UK. Over a thousand couples in Wales and England each year chose to have a Humanist ceremony. By opting for one yourself you would become part of the ongoing campaign to get Humanist wedding ceremonies officially recognised by the states of Wales and England. So selecting a Humanist ceremony will not only be an excellent choice for you but will be helping to secure more appropriate options for future generations!

Can we have a same sex wedding?

Of course!

How much will a Humanist Ceremony cost?

To write and perform your wedding ceremony I charge £800 plus expenses.

I pour my heart and soul (and yours!) into my work and dedicate uncountable hours into ensuring that your ceremony is the perfect concoction of love, laughs and sentiment that does your unique partnership the justice it deserves.


I do charge more than a registrar but that's because the service I provide is not even comparable.

Below is a breakdown of what my fee includes:

  • An initial meeting, or video call if you prefer, so I can get to know you both and you can decide if I'm the right celebrant for you

  • Our first 'proper' meeting which will last for a good few hours. We will get to know each other really well and this meeting will give me enough information to crack on with the first draft of your ceremony

  • Additional meetings or video calls so we can make amendments to your ceremony

  • An amazing ceremony script that is solely based on the conversations we have

  • Support to write your own personal vows

  • Thoughtful suggestions for poems, music or symbolic rituals

  • A rehearsal, if required

  • Delivery of your ceremony on the big day

  • A keepsake presentation version of your wedding ceremony script

  • Professional indemnity and public liability insurance

  • A high-quality service that comes with being accredited by Humanists UK

What happens next?

If you would like to have a chat with me about any ideas you may have for your wedding I would love to talk to you. You can get in touch with me via email, phone or the form on the contact section of the website. We can than arrange to meet (or Skye call if necessary) and get to know each other a bit better. I will give you a quote and then you can decide if I am the right celebrant for you.
If you do decide to book me I will ask you to sign a contract, pay a deposit and then I will get cracking with your ceremony. As soon as I have written a first draft we can discuss it either face-to-face or via email, phone or Skype. We can make as many amendments to the ceremony as you like. I will ask for the remainder of the balance one month before the ceremony.