What do I do....?

I work with couples to create Wicked Wedding ceremonies!


Each ceremony begins with a blank sheet of paper and an open mind! Every single ceremony is unique, but they all have a few things in common:


They are passionate celebrations that ooze with love, sparkle with sentiment and flicker with fun!


My ceremonies are often quirky and humorous but are also tender and poignant.


However they turn out, they are all emotionally charged!

“We wanted something quite informal and quirky. Sian managed to put together a ceremony that was not only that, but also very personal, touching and funny, and even with a few surprises thrown in!”  Rosy 2014

“We laughed, cried and remembered the love we had for each other as she talked about our life together” Robyn 2018

If I have to pin point one signature of my ceremonies I suppose it's the fact that every couple I have ever worked with has said their ceremony made them, and their guests, laugh and cry. For all the right reasons of course!

Working with me to craft your ceremony is not just about the day itself; it’s so much more.


The conversations we have will not only help us build a unique and meaningful ceremony but will result in you reflecting on your relationship.



"It’s like ‘Couples Counselling’ before you need it!"

 Rhian 2019


You will revisit why you fell in love, comprehend what makes you a great team and investigate why you have chosen to spend the rest of your lives together.

‘You confront your relationship and consider why you wish to continue it indefinitely’ Dave 2014

Through our discussions you will not only tell me how and why your relationship works, you will gain a deeper understanding of it yourselves. Surely there is no sounder way to begin married life than exploring, and truly grasping, what exactly it is you are committing to.

The content of your ceremony will lay a solid foundation on which to begin your marriage. It will also prepare and excite you for the journey that lays ahead... 😊

Most couples say that want to get married, not because they want to change anything about their lives but, because they like things just the way they are...

I’m pretty sure this is the best attitude.


Getting married won’t change your life but, inevitably and eventually, life will change around you.

The ceremony we create together will reflect this. The words said and the promises you make to each other will consider the behaviours and actions you will need to take in order for your marriage to survive any rough seas that lay ahead.

What exactly happens...?

Creating a ceremony is a combination of questioning, listening, collaborating, inventing, devising, directing, performing and so much more! But please don’t worry as I’ll be doing most of the hard work!

Here’s a rough breakdown of what the process usually entails…

We will have several meetings, hopefully face-to-face but if not we can meet over Skype. Before our first ‘proper’ meeting I will send you some homework... Nothing too strenuous I promise but it will get you thinking about some of the things we will be talking about and help us make the most of our meeting.


After our first meeting I will usually have enough information to begin writing your ceremony.


Once the first draft is complete, we will meet again and go through the script together and you can let me know if we need to make any changes. I am not precious: it’s your ceremony and it needs to be right for you, so I am happy to make as many amendments as necessary until you are 100% happy.


On the day itself I will (of course!) turn up nice and early, meet as many of your family and friends as possible and prep anyone involved in the ceremony such as best men, bridesmaids, readers, dogs with rings etc.


I will bring any equipment required including copies of readings, cues for musicians and, of course, any interesting props we will be using during the ceremony.


After the ceremony I will leave you with a posh version of your ceremony script, which you can keep along with your other memories of the day. This will also give you the opportunity to recreate your ceremony at any point in the future, perhaps for anniversaries, children you’ve not yet created or to liven up a dull Saturday night!